Losing control over your life in our fast world? You can now get controlled by an algorithm. Yes, a real handcrafted algorithm. And by two extraordinarily enlightened artists. Just take a sheet and draw a tree. Don’t forget to use the line. Throw the tree in the artists’ inbox. It’s great. So easy. Just do it. Your life will be more fun. Really. So great. And you don’t need to pay for it. Fantastic. You don’t have to think on your own. Or do you dare to resist?

Drawing a tree is a sign for a sign in semiotic terms. At least for everyone knowing Saussure. As Saussure described, everyone has his or her own representation of a sign. Everyone asked to draw a tree will draw a different tree most likely. What kind of tree will appear in the mind of the participants? And how will the line created by the algorithm affect the trees, their sizes, their orientations?

02/17  Hochschultage at the University of the Arts Bremen

In collaboration with Lara Stumpf.